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    I'm kind of an introvert, so setting up a page to talk about myself feels a little weird.  But I like to know something about the person making the things I buy, though, so I hope this background is of interest to you.

     I made trinkets out of gimp as a kid, then made simple braided horse bridles.  Life happened, years passed, and all that was left behind until I started selling jewelry and other items while living in Hawaii.  That woke up the creative juices, and I have't stopped since.  I started with simple beaded pieces, moved to weaving chainmaille, wire working, and learning to make lampwork glass beads by melting rods of glass around a mandrel with a torch.  Without leaving the other techniques behind, I'm finally finding some time to play with raw metals and metal clay. 

     I soon found myself with more things than my mother could wear, which prompted me to start selling at art fairs and online, which I've done for over 10 years.  I don't wear much jewelry myself, but LOVE to make it - it is peaceful, even therapeutic.  I often feel the shop name should be something like "Another ADD Moment" because there are so many directions to follow that I can't focus on only one or two styles.  I like variety and get bored with sameness, so I work with one style or set of colors for a while until it's time for a change of pace, then I move on to something else for awhile.  At art fairs, it's not uncommon for folks to tell me it looks like 5 people made these things...  but no, it's just me.  I never cease to be amazed at the abundance of colors, shapes and textures that God has allowed me to discover and play with - it would probably be better for business to stick with one or two styles, but I've never been able to function that way.   

     When someone likes my jewelry enough to spend their hard earned money to wear it themselves or give as a gift...  let alone come back for more... to have that kind of validation of my work makes it all worthwhile.

     Thank you for looking at my shop, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or would like to have something made.

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